Schneider Regional Medical Center Provides Clarity on Oxygen Supply Miscommunication

Schneider Regional Medical Center on St. Thomas (Kelsey Nowakowski photo)

Schneider Regional Medical Center clarifies the recent complaints by the public that it is difficult to refill their oxygen tanks at the hospital.

Schneider Regional Medical Center (SRMC) has been receiving inquiries from the public and the press regarding the public’s inability to refill their oxygen tanks at SRMC.

We want to clarify that SRMC is not a commercial oxygen supplier and does offer oxygen refills to the public. We understand that some individuals who previously relied on The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy for their oxygen supplies no longer have that open and have sought assistance at our facility. However, we want to emphasize that SRMC does not provide oxygen refilling services.

For patients being discharged to their homes, SRMC can arrange for them to loan a tank and regulator for their journey home. These patients must return the equipment within a specified period, as outlined in their agreement, or they will be responsible for the associated charges. Only patients being discharged from SRMC and having an established agreement with the hospital are eligible to receive oxygen from SRMC.

Several local commercial suppliers are available to assist individuals needing oxygen refills, including Oxymax at 473 1993 and Carib Supply St. Thomas at 690-0136. These suppliers can refill tanks individually or in bulk for an agreed-upon fee. We encourage patients to contact these suppliers for their oxygen refill needs.

Parents with ongoing concerns or questions are advised to contact their primary care physician (PCP) or consult with pulmonologist Dr. Imnet Habtes at SRMC Heart and Lung by calling 776-8311, extension 8126, or the V.I. Department of Health (DOH).

SRMC remains committed to providing the community with high-quality parent care. We apologize for any confusion that may have arisen due to the miscommunication regarding our oxygen supply capabilities. We want to ensure there is no miscommunication or lack of clarity regarding the availability of oxygen to be purchased directly from SRMC.