School Bus Driver Pulled Over Due to Overcrowding

A Guy Benjamin School bus was pulled over by V.I. Police Department officials on Tuesday morning, October 16, on its way to Coral Bay after officers noticed the bus was overcrowded.

The driver was not ticketed, but Varlack Ventures, which operates the school bus, was required to send another bus to safely take the children to school.

“The bus driver was not ticketed, but the bus was overcrowded,” said VIPD spokesperson Monyka Johnigan. “The police pulled him over and they addressed the issue. They called the company and sent another bus to alleviate the crowding and to make sure the children’s lives were not in danger.”

GBS Principal Dionne Wells and Delrise Varlack of Varlack Ventures verified that the problem was remedied with an extra bus.

“There are two buses coming now, so there are no more problems with overcrowding on the bus,” said Wells. “The two buses started immediately after they were pulled over.”

While some parents complained the bus was speeding, the driver was not ticketed for this offense. Wells and Varlack did not comment on the allegations of the speeding bus driver.