Senator Harrigan Urges DPW To Barricade, Repair Hazardous Section of Fish Bay Road


Senator Gets Action: The undermined portion of the Fish Bay road on the south shore has been barricaded.


FISH BAY — After years of neglect by public officials, Senator Justin Harrigan, Sr. and St. John Administrator Camille Paris, Jr. visited Fish Bay Road on St. John on Monday, June 8, to assess damage to the only road accessing the south shore neighborhood.

Within days, the dangerously undermined section of the road above a rental villa overlooking the scenic Rendezvous Bay, had been marked with warning signs, spray-painted with reflective paint and barricaded in anticipation of emergency repairs.

Several St. John residents called Harrigan’s office to notify him about the unsafe condition of the road.  The road, which runs into the Fish Bay neighborhoods from South Shore Road, has been in a state of disrepair for almost two years after the supporting land under a portion of the road was washed out.

“The damage to the road is severe and warrants the closure of a section of the west bound lane,” Sen. Harrigan said.  “I requested that Mr. Paris and Department of Public Works Commissioner Designee Gustav James place barriers on the area of the road to prevent vehicular traffic from traversing on the weakened portion.”

Harrigan urged the Department of Public Work to address the hazardous situation.

“This action is necessary to prevent any human tragedy,” the senator added,  “Both gentlemen have promised to take action immediately.”