Senator Nelson Embarks on Medical Cannabis Expedition

The success of Washington and Colorado’s Medicinal Cannabis industry is one that should be commended and imitated.  Recognizing this, Senator Nelson is embarking on an exploratory Medical Cannabis Expedition, April 13-22, 2015, with the sole purpose of meeting with top officials (i.e. Commissioners of Health, Law Enforcement, Revenue and Agriculture departments, etc), to gather information, and discuss the strategies that could assist the USVI in duplicating their success in legalizing and implementing this industry in the territory.

Senator Nelson remarked, “Not only would this industry provide new money to the General Fund of the Government and opportunities to our citizens, it will also provide an alternative to the health options available to many with ailments that can benefit from the use of the plant.”

Senator Nelson is very aware that the St. Croix and the Virgin Islands needs new industries to provide, entrepreneurial and employment opportunities to the people.  In order to repair the roads, pay retros, etc., Senator Nelson’s goal is to create and implement new industries that the government can generate taxable revenue. Senator Nelson stated, “This industry has proven successful for many states; it has been reported that the taxation of this industry has been so successful to the government revenues of Colorado that they collected too much money in taxes and are now giving back money to the people in that state. Their government’s finances are in the black.”