Senator’s Not-So-Open-Door Policy

Dear Tradewinds,

I read with interest the article in your May 21 issue about the group of concerned St. John residents that stopped by, unannounced, at Senator Wesselhoft’s office on Friday morning, May 18, to present her with the petition signed by over 1,100 residents opposed to the zoning variance and, while waiting for her to arrive, saw her drive by her office twice without stopping.  

The excuse her office manager, Marigold St. Prix, gave was that the senator had a previous engagement. Well now here is the truth about how devious our senator really is.  

On Friday morning the 18th at 9 a.m., while everyone was waiting for her at her office, I was sitting at Paradise Café with a good friend of mine, across the street from Slimman’s parking lot, where we were waiting for our breakfast sandwiches, when we see Sen. Wesselhoft drive into Slimman’s lot, park and get out of her car and proceed to sit on the bench outside his office doing absolutely nothing but waiting.  

We thought it rather strange for someone who would be that busy but didn’t give it much thought as we proceeded to eat our breakfast and read the entire Daily News, as we sometimes do. We thought it even stranger that even after more than 30 minutes, when we had finished eating, she was still sitting there on that bench doing nothing as though she was waiting for something. It wasn’t until after reading your paper the following Monday that we put two and two together. She was hiding out at Slimman’s, waiting for her office manager to call her and tell her when the petitioners had left so it was safe for her to sneak back up to her office. This is just further proof of how devious and deceptive Ms. Wesselhoft is and that her proclamation of having an open door policy is also a complete lie.

If this is the type of behavior and deceit our senator is willing to stoop to then it is clear to me, as it should be to everyone, that she can no longer be trusted and does not deserve what little respect the community has left for her.

If Senator Wesselhoft is as “gravely concerned” as she states in her previous letter, complaining to the St. John Tradewinds about how she is portrayed, then perhaps she should start looking at her own behavior before she starts criticizing others for pointing out the truth about her.  

I look very forward to hearing the senator’s own explanation for why she was hiding out at Slimman’s that morning, or did she just need to rest and was too exhausted to drive back up to her office after her long drive into town?

Further, I, as well as hundred of other St. John residents, can’t believe it when we read that the senator is still undecided about how to vote on any veto override of the governor’s Sirenusa veto. How can this be? Is she deaf or blind?

It appears that Ms. Wesselhoft is under the mistaken assumption that we are all too uneducated to make our own decisions and that we need her to make the right decision for us. Well, I have some news for the senator. Once you take an oath to represent the majority of the people’s wishes, you give up your right to vote your conscious or your opinion. You can have an opinion but you do not have the right, morally, ethically or legally to vote your opinion if it conflicts with the wishes of the people you have sworn to represent.  

We, the people of St. John, did not elect you to and do not need you to be our guardian adviser. We elected you to represent our wishes, not yours, and it’s about time you understand the concept and start acting like a representative, and not someone who is above the rest of us and unwilling to listen to what the people want!

With Continued Disrespect and Disdain,
John Francis
Cruz Bay, St. John