Sgt. First Class Louis Arthur Petersen Passes Away

Louis Petersen

Sergeant First Class (retired) Louis Arthur Petersen passed away on July 2 at the age of 85.

Petersen was born on Oct. 6, 1920, to Edith Petersen Marks. Petersen, who was known for his strong work ethic, began working at Public Works at a young age. In 1944, he joined the U.S. Army, and later fought in World War II.

In 1949, Petersen married Ellen R. Brewley. The couple had four children together, and were married for 57 years before he passed away.

Petersen worked at the West Indian Company for 32 years, from 1946 to 1978. He also worked at the V.I. Legislature for Senators Lloyd Williams and Elmo Roebuck. Petersen then worked as a Red Hook dockmaster from 1981-1986 before he retired. Petersen served his country in the V.I. Army National Guard.

He is survived by his wife, Ellen Petersen; sisters-in-law, Mary Malone and Dolencia Brewley; sons, Leo Petersen, Roy Petersen and Louis Petersen Jr.; daughters, Jeanette Petersen, Judith Byron and Sonia Petersen; nephew, Roger Gilliard; grandchildren, Elroy (Zeke) Coumarbatch, Monique Petersen, Gemmah Francis-Smith, LaToya Byron, Vernon Byron, Aisha Petersen, Roy Petersen Jr., Ewan Petersen, Eugene Williams, Sharimo Wheatley, Shakimo Wheatley, Marianela Caraballo, Mariaelena Caraballo, Nilda Morciglio, Lucille Petersen, Louis Petersen, Letrice Petersen, Kwaanna Petersen and Stella Petersen; great-granchildren, Kareem Coumarbatch, Kareema Coumarbatch, Shequann Mccoy, Sharik Petersen, Francis Baley, Jamisha Warner, Malik Smith, Synaa Colon, Michael Colon, Sajai Wheatley, Shakima Wheatley, Shantel Hodge, Glenroy Hodge, Jiovanni Hodge, Harry Harris, L. Petersen, Remy Petersen, Tyler Petersen and Tianna Petersen; and many other family and friends too numerous to mention.