Signs Cluttering Cruz Bay To Be Removed

Several of the signs cluttering Cruz Bay beach will be removed soon. St. John Tradewinds News Photo by Eliza Magro

Promotional signs which clutter the sidewalk near the Cruz Bay Creek and the area just off the Loredon Boynes ferry dock will soon be removed.

Following a meeting between Department of Planning and Natural Resources officials, St. John Administrator Leona Smith and Department of Public Works officials, the decision was made to remove the signs which were placed without permission, explained DPW St. John Deputy Director Ira Wade.

“We’re in the process of determining who has paid and who hasn’t, and what locations are appropriate for signage,” said Wade. “One of the areas we’re going to clean up soon is down by the Cruz Bay dock.”

“Only about two people have requested permission to put any signs there, and all the rest of them are going to most likely be confiscated,” Wade said.

Sign Permits Available
In order to display promotional signs, an individual or company must obtain a permit, and there are several restrictions to the type of signs which can be displayed.

“There is a permit fee that has to be paid, and the sign has to be appropriate,” said Wade. “It can’t be too large, and they have to be at least five feet back off the road.”

Removal of the signs is just one part of an overall effort to clean up Cruz Bay, which included the removal of illegally moored boats from Cruz Bay by DPNR.

“After DPNR took care of the boats, the next thing on our agenda was to make a decision regarding the signs,” said Wade, who advised those who placed the signs to remove them immediately. “It might be in their best interests if they value their signs.”

“They need to move them quickly, because it’s unsightly as you come off the ferry — the first thing you see is this cluster of signs,” the DPW official added.

Wade did not specify a date the signs would be removed by. For more information on legally displaying promotional signs, contact the DPW office at 776-6346.