Simon’s Shipwreck Village Clean Up

All that remains after demolition on the land located behind Shipwreck Landing restaurant is the “staircase to heaven.”

Local recording artist Steve Simon, who purchased the Shipwreck Landing complex in Freeman’s Ground in May, recently oversaw completion of the demolition of unoccupied buildings located in the rear of the one acre parcel.

“First of all, I didn’t take out anything – we subcontracted to an excavating company to remove the buildings out there,” said Simon, adding that the demolition was requested by the V.I. government.

Despite attempts to preserve as many trees on the site as possible, the subcontractors were forced to eliminate much of the landscaping, according to Simon.

“Most of the plant material back there was wild tamarind, I would say about 95 percent,” said the property owner. “Two beautiful trees had to be cut down unfortunately because we couldn’t get the heavy equipment back there.”

Plans for the area, which include construction of eight to 10 artists cottages, also call for extensive planting, Simon added. “Our plans call for a lot of planting, and they will all be native island plants,” said the developer. “We will be doing a significant amount of landscaping back there.”

In the meantime, all that remains on the cleared site is what Simon has dubbed the “staircase to heaven.”