SJSOGH Students Have Live Auction

The feeling of generosity was prevalent as students at the St. John School on Gifft Hill (SJSOGH) conducted a live auction to raise money for schoolmate Nathan Geiger, on Friday, December 9.

Fourteen-year-old Nathan was severely beaten on October 29 in his Estate Grunwald home in an attack which left his father, David Geiger, dead. The teenager was treated in a hospital in Puerto Rico and is now recovering off-island with family.

Chancie Montgomery read a letter of thanks that Nathan sent to his classmates.

“I am feeling better but will need a lot more time to recover — I am in a safe place,” Nathan said in his letter after thanking his schoolmates for all of their letters wishing him well.

Faculty members, teachers and students in grades five through twelve gathered at the school’s upper campus to bid on more than 50 items ranging from help with homework to locker cleaning services.

“The student council and the student council advisor formatted the idea — they came up with the whole thing,” said SJSOGH co-administrator Scott Crawford. “My role is one of support and awe watching the students do something that means a lot to them and to the whole school.”

Students created posters with their pictures and messages of hope and love which will be sent to Nathan along with the proceeds from the auction.


Dore Culbert donated 8 pairs of Ting earrings to be auctioned.

“Everyone really contributed to this,” said student council advisor and faculty member Alicia Bankston. “The kids wanted to do something for Nathan and we’ll send him the pictures, posters and all the money that we raise.”

V.I. National Park Chief Ranger Steve Clark, whose children attend the school, performed as a magnificent auctioneer getting the whole crowd enthused.

Two of the most popular items were cream pies which the two lucky students with the highest bids were able to throw into the faces of two faculty members.

“This was a whole school idea,” said student council president Tyler Bradley. “What happened to Nathan is such a loss for the community and for the school and we really wanted to support him so he could recover quickly and join us back at school as soon as possible.”

Renell Lettsome was arrested and charged with the murder of David Geiger and beating of Nathan. After the attack, Lettsome, his younger brother Robert Ferguson and Nester Colaire returned to the Geiger’s house and set it on fire to conceal the crime, according to an affidavit by Lettsome’s girlfriend, Amber Taylor.

V.I. Police Department officials have arrested Lettsome and Ferguson in connection to the murder, beating and subsequent arson. Colaire remains at large and is wanted for attempted murder, accessory after the fact and arson.