“Slim Man” Wesselhoft Doing His Part To Ease Parking Problem in Cruz Bay

“Slim Man” provides badly-needed parking spaces at his pay parking lot in Cruz Bay.

In the wake of escalating tensions over parking spots in Cruz Bay, one man is doing his part to alleviate the town’s parking problem.

“Slim Man” Wesselhoft offers the only for pay parking lot on St. John, located across from Wharfside, on the former site of a car rental company.

The parking lot, open since Dec. 27, was something Wesselhoft, a full-time V.I. National Park employee, and St. John native, saw a need for.

“It’s absolutely helping the parking problem in Cruz Bay,” he said. “People have been thanking us daily.”

Among those happy to see the pay parking lot are business owners at Wharfside, who have told Slim Man that business has increased now that their customers have a place to park.

Business Owners Happy
“It’s great, we’re really happy,” said the owner of Paradise Cafe, which is located directly across the street from the parking lot. “It’s been going really well.”

Senator-at-Large Craig Bar-shinger, who has formulated a five-step plan to overcome the parking problem in Cruz Bay, said he was glad to see Slim Man’s efforts.

“I applaud any effort by a private individual to provide parking under any circumstances, be it paid or free,” said Sen. Barshinger. “Our parking problem is so severe. Thank goodness that people are stepping in with creative solutions to the problem.”

30 Spaces Available
Slim Man’s Parking Lot provides approximately 30 parking spaces and is open from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. He hopes to eventually increase the hours, from 6 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., to accommodate those taking early morning and late-night ferries. He will also offer monthly, weekly and overnight parking.

Current rates are $10 for a full day, $5 for one-and-one-half hours and $5 for evenings after 5 p.m. Slim Man’s Parking Lot accepts cash only.

During slow hours, customers may park their own vehicles, and do not have to leave their keys with the attendant. When the parking lot is busier, customers are asked to leave their keys with the attendant so that more vehicles can be accommodated by moving parked cars, if necessary.