Southern St. Thomas Water Outages Sunday-Monday

Large parts of the southern half of St. Thomas have been dealing with water outages since Sunday and outages continue Monday. According to the Water and Power Authority, water distribution crews will continue repair work on the leaking 24-inch water main that runs along the St. Thomas waterfront. On Sunday evening, crews excavated the pipe, however, efforts to make repairs were stalled by the existence of two underground electrical distribution feeders that run parallel to the damaged water main.

Electric system personnel will make temporary changes to the distribution of electrical service to allow for the underground lines to be de-energized without affecting electrical service to customers. Once de-energized, water crews can safely clear a path around the damaged pipeline in order to replace the damaged section.

Repair work is likely to extend through much of the day today. Until the repairs are completed, the following areas are likely to experience low water pressure to no water service today: Bergs Home, Altona, Estate Thomas, Blackbeard’s Castle, Sugar Estate, Long Bay, Havensight, and Estate Bakkero.