Spurs End Week in Virgin Islands at Caneel Bay Resort

St. Crox native Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs towers over the chef hats on staff members at Caneel Bay Resort during a private function for the team at the end of the their week-long U.S. Virgin Islands pre-season training. Duncan said it was his first visit to St. John.

After a jam-packed week in the Virgin Islands filled with basketball practices, scrimmages, school visits and public appearances, the San Antonio Spurs wrapped up their stay with a little rest and relaxation on St. John.

The Spurs got the royal treatment at Caneel Bay Resort where they were presented with an intimate farewell grand buffet dinner at Caneel Beach Terrace.

“There are a lot of big guys on the team who ate a lot of food so it was tough, but we were able to feed them,” joked Rik Blyth, managing director at Caneel Bay Resort.

The resort’s private ferry picked up the team members, who were staying at The Ritz-Carlton hotel on the east end of St. Thomas, providing a peaceful sunset cruise over to St. John.

“They asked us to keep it very low key,” said Blyth, adding he first learned about the planned Caneel Bay Resort visit in mid-September. “It had been a very busy week and they decided they wanted a casual, quiet team dinner for their last night in the Virgin Islands.”

Approximately 60 people attended the dinner, most of whom were visiting St. John for the very first time, including St. Croix native Tim Duncan.

“As I was chatting with Tim, he told me it was actually the first time he had the opportunity to come over to St. John,” said Blyth. “He said he was really looking forward to coming over here and showing his teammates all the Virgin Islands had to offer.”

Although the boys had big appetites, the managing director attested their hearts were equally as large. “They were all such nice, very polite guys,” said Blyth. The team posed with staff members for photos and signed two basketballs which will be donated to raise funds for local schools, he added.

“I had the team sign two basketballs for the Julius E. Sprauve School and the St. John School on Gifft Hill auctions,” said Blyth.