St. Croix Avis Article Details Geiger’s Murder – as Told by Lettsome’s Girlfriend

The V.I. Police Department is looking for Nester Colaire and Robert Fergtuson in addition to Renell Lettsome in the October 29 murder of David Geiger, beating of Geiger’s teenage son and subsequent arson at their Grunwald home, according a report in the Saturday, November 2, St. Croix Avis.

Lettsome’s girlfriend, with whom he has a young son, details what occurred at Geiger’s Grunwald home the night of the horrifying attack in the Avis report which attributes its information to court records. Lettsome’s girlfriend house-sat for Geiger shortly before he was murdered, according to friends of Geiger.

The girlfriend told Lettsome there was money in Geiger’s house on October 28 while the pair were staying at the Sapphire Beach Resort on St. Thomas, according to the Avis article.

Lettsome left his girlfriend at Sapphire Beach Hotel on St. Thomas at 3 p.m., October 28, and did not return until at 8:30 a.m., October 29, according to Avis reporter Tamika Thomas.

“According to court records, Lettsome was wearing clothes that were not his, had a bandana covering a deep cut on his head and his face was sratched,” the Avis report continued.

Geiger was murdered during the early morning hours of October 29.

Returning for Robbery
“She said that Lettsome had returned to the house with two other people to rob Geiger,” according to the Avis article. “She told police that Lettsome sneaked into Geiger’s bedroom and held a knife to his throat.”

V.I. Police Department officials have said they were looking for several “persons of interest” in the case, but did not reveal the names of any suspects at their November 21 press conference announcing warrants for Lettsome and Tullius Stewart of St. John in the Geiger case.

Lettsome is wanted for murder in the first degree, attempted murder, assault in the first degree, assault in the third degree, arson and use of a dangerous weapon during the commission of a crime of violence.

Lettsome is still at large and is considered armed and dangerous.

“Lettsome’s girlfriend said that when Geiger woke up the knife that Lettsome was holding to the victim’s neck penetrated his throat, the tip of the knife broke and the two began to fight,” the Avis article continued.

“The girlfriend said that Lettsome told her that he was able to smash Geiger in the face repeatedly,” Avis reporter Thomas wrote. “She said that Lettsome left Geiger’s house, but then returned with Nester Colaire and Robert Ferguson to remove the weapons and set the house on fire.”

Colaire and Ferguson will be charged with attempted murder, arson in the first degree and accessory after the fact, according to the St. Croix Avis report.

Stewart, a 29-year-old Gift Hill resident, who was wanted for grand larceny and possession of stolen property in connection with a theft off a reported $50,000 from Geiger’s house, turned himself in to police in California where he was living and working as a salesman, according to authorities.

Stewart was arrested at Cyril King Airport on November 24 when he returned to the territory, according to a VIPD press release.

“Dangerous” Suspect Released
The press release did not explain if Stewart, identifed as “considered armed and dangerous” in an international notice of the warrants against him, was returned to the territory under law enforcement escort.

Stewart is accused of stealing $50,000 from Geiger’s home while Lettsome’s girlfriend, who was a friend of Stewart, was house sitting, according to law enforcement reports.

Lettsome’s girlfriend told both Stewart and Lettsome that Geiger had money in his house, Thomas wrote in the Avis. “According to court records, a female friend of Stewart was house sitting on October 20 when he took a pan containing the money,” Thomas wrote.

Stewart was wanted for grand larceny and possession of stolen property which occurred on Sunday, October 23, according to information from the VIPD.

“On October 25, Geiger was said to have accused the house sitter of taking the money in the presence of her boyfriend, Renell Lettsome, 21,” Thomas wrote in the Avis.

“Lettsome’s girlfriend allegedly told Stewart that she would go to the police if she did not get the money back,” Thomas wrote in The Avis. “Instead of giving her the money Stewart allegedly gave her $50 to get something to eat on October 25 and then he left $8,000 in a car instead of the entire $50,000.”

Ordered Back to Work
Stewart appeared in V.I. Superior Court on Friday, November 25, before Judge Leon Kendall. Kendall dropped Stewart’s $100,000 bail set by Judge Audrey Thomas in a November 18 warrant, released him on his own recognizance and told him to return to his job in California, according to Thomas’ article in the Avis.

“Kendall said that he was particularly impressed that Stewart had returned to the territory to turn himself in,” Thomas wrote in The Avis. “Kendall ordered Stewart to maintain employment at his current job as a salesperson in California.”

Stewart’s arraignment hearing is scheduled for Thursday, December 1.

Events that preceded Geiger’s murder, according to Thomas’ article:
• October 20 – Lettsome’s girlfriend is house sitting for Geiger when Stewart steals $50,000 from Geiger’s home.

• October 25 – Geiger accuses Lettsome’s girlfriend of taking the money in the presence of Lettsome.

• October 25 – Stewart gives Lettsome’s girlfriend $50 and leaves $8,000 in a car.

• October 28 – Lettsome’s girlfriend tells Lettsome that there is more money in Geiger’s home.

• October 28 – Lettsome leaves his girlfriend at Sapphire Beach Hotel on St. Thomas at 3 p.m.

• October 29 – Lettsome returns to his girlfriend at Sapphire Beach Hotel at 8:30 a.m.

• Geiger was murdered during the early morning hours of October 29.