St. Croix Man Faces Charges of Burglary and Property Damage

A St. Croix Man presently incarcerated on other charges has been charged with burglary and assault, the V.I. Police Department reported Sunday.

Manuel Perez, 21, has been charged for alleged involvement in a burglary that occurred in June in Candido Guadalupe Housing on St. Coix, according to the police report.

On June 11, a female reported that when she woke up to use the restroom, she heard a noise coming from the living room. After checking the living room, the victim observed a shadow by the glass door. A further inspection into the noise resulted in her observing Manuel Perez tampering with her living room window. The victim began screaming and Perez ran away on foot in a northern direction from the apartment. The victim identified Perez as breaking into her home the previous month, stealing her gold chains, and assaulting her with a knife to her head, the police report stated.

Perez, who is currently incarcerated at the John Bell Correctional Facility on other charges, was remanded at the facility pending an advice of rights hearing scheduled for Monday, police said.