St. Croix Pony Club Celebrates Halloween with Costumed Rides

Ten of the 12 Pony Club members show off their horsemanship during the Halloween Parade on Saturday. Jane Coles said games that enhance the riders’ skills “without them knowing it,” came after the parade. (Source photo by Susan Ellis)
The entrance to the St. Croix Pony Club on the west end. Parents asked the Source not to use children’s names, but the horses don’t mind. (Source photo by Susan Ellis)

Members of the St. Croix Pony Club celebrated Halloween in an unusual way – not only did they make and wear costumes, but they also decorated their “rides” for a parade around the track located on the edge of the Rain Forest on the west end of the island.

Pony Club Commissioner Jane Coles said the members learn about caring for horses, the proper diet, health issues, bandaging, temperature and how to groom the horses before they are allowed to ride. Ten of 12 members were on hand Saturday for maneuvers and party.

Shadow, decorated with painted handprints and feathers, and his “Native American” rider who has been riding for two years. (Source photo by Susan Ellis)
Piglet and Eeyore carry a “huny” pot for Guinness and Seamus whose tails are braided and ribboned. Some members own their horses and others lease or borrow. The young ladies expressed love and passion for horses. (Source photo by Susan Ellis)
Cherry topped riders decorated the horse, “Ice Cream” with whipped cream and sprinkles. (Source photo by Susan Ellis)
The 9-year-old rider on Peter Pan, who is not really for sale, said he is learning to ride because he “was born around horses.” (Source photo by Susan Ellis)
Dusty is “always an angel” according to his 12-year-old rider. (Source photo by Susan Ellis)