St. Croix Woman Physically Assaulted and Held in Cistern

A St. Croix woman was allegedly assaulted and held in a cistern against her will, the V.I. Police Department reported Wednesday.

A female victim filed a complaint with VIPD regarding her children’s father, MarcAnthony Hosien, who she reported physically assaulted her, and forced her against her will into a cistern where he kept her for a significant amount of time, according to the police report.

Hosien, 22, was picked up and transported to the Rainbow Police Administrative Building, where he was Mirandized and declined to provide a statement. He was subsequently arrested and charged with false imprisonment- DV and other domestic violence-related charges, the police report stated.

No bail was set as per the Domestic Violence law. He was subsequently processed and transported to the John Bell Adult Correctional Facility pending advice of rights hearing at the Superior Court, police said.