St. John Artist’s Work Chosen for Publication in Society of Layerists New Hardcover Art Book

Layerist Denise Wright’s work is featured in this 160-page hardcover book.

A painting by St. John artist Denise Wright was recently printed as part of the esteemed Society of Layerists’ latest breathtaking art book.

The 160-page hardcover “Visual Journeys, Art of the 21st Century, Society of Layerists in Multi-media” was published by Fresco Fine Art Publishing and edited by Nina Mihm and Mary Carroll Nelson.

The Society of Layerists was founded in the early-1980s by Nelson and it is composed of artists from around the world who all share a holistic approach to their work. While many of the individual artists’ images are starkly varied, there are unifying themes of space and collective consciousness throughout.

Wright is the sole Caribbean Layerist, and she joined the society several years ago after a friend told her about the group.



Denise Wright’s “Perfection is Imperfection,” above, is featured on page 31 of “Visual Journeys.”

“Robin Swank, whose mother was in the society, actually saw my work and said I might be interested in the Layerists Society,” said Wright. “She loaned me a book and I saw these artists that were doing what I wanted to do. I didn’t know that anyone else had the same idea of attempting to create art that expressed the philosophy ‘the parts are greater than the whole.’”

Layering is described as a post-modern development often referred to as “multiplicity.” Many of the artists use different materials, from fabric and metals to paper and paint, to create the layer effect.

“It is art of multiplicity,” Nelson wrote in the foreword to the society’s latest book. “An investment within the work of multiple means, allusion, analogues, often mythic and sacred in its intention.”

“The Society of Layerists in Multi-media is a large international group of artists sharing a holistic world view,” wrote Nelson. “The thought that unites them is ‘we are all connected, there exists a oneness and a unity to everything, everyone and the whole.’”

While it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact attraction fans of the medium share, it’s best to just enjoy their work and “Visual Journeys” is a perfect introduction. The juried book is chock full of images which stimulate both the mind and the senses accompanied by writings from the artists describing their work.

Wright’s multi-media piece, “Perfection In Imperfection,” found on page 31, contains a vibrant color scheme of warm pinks and oranges with several erect forms and lines, with one askew enough to make it resonate.

“What may seem to be disharmony, may merely be a reaction different from others,” Wright wrote in the book. “Would Einstein agree? I had fun with the colors while painting ‘Perfection In Imperfection.’”

“Like our daily experience, vibrancy is an attraction,” according to Wright’s piece accompanying her painting. “Gotta keep those lovin’ good vibrations happenin’.”

The book is divided into sections titled Visionary, Eclectic and Delightful — Wright’s piece is presented in the Visionary section — which are three pretty good ways to describe the Society of Layerists in Multi-media.

“Visual Journeys,” is available through for $40. To see Wright’s work locally, check out Bajo el Sol at Mongoose Junction. For more information about the Society of Layerists in Multi-media, check out