St. John Cancer Fund Designed To Help Support Residents


St. John residents will now have another source of support in the fight against cancer.
The St. John Cancer Fund was formally organized on July 19 with a mission to provide monies for prevention, treatment and supportive services in the fight against cancer on behalf of the community of St. John, USVI.

This fund was formed by a committee of St. John residents who wanted to see financial support for cancer with an expanded list of eligible expense coverage, additional preventative screening options, and flexible cap limits.

The St. John Cancer Fund mission is to invest in the health of the community, and although the advisory committee, may vote to make donations to other organizations which have and continue to support residents, the primary distribution of the funds raised by St. John is to St. John residents.

Seventy-five percent of St. John residents are small business owners and independent contractors. Most do not have access to corporate or government offered insurance coverage, and individual health insurance policies are expensive and restrictive.
The St. John Cancer Fund will be managed by the Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands. With more than 21 years of fund management, the advisory committee of the St. John Cancer Fund found CFVI to be fully able to manage and distribute the funds most effectively.

The committee urges all who are interested in helping plan fund raising events to get involved. The St. John Cancer Fund plans to host an array of fund raising events throughout the year. Individuals and businesses may contribute to the fund at any time. Visit the website at for more information or email