St. John Families Should Make Rules

Dear Editor:

I was born in the Virgin Islands and lived all my life as a true St. Johnian, unlike the majority of the opposition to the Sirenusa project. Many of these people are complaining about the way St. John used to be. How would they know?

I remember when local families owned the property here back in the day and now this land is sold to these new people. If someone is going to make rules about St. John, it should be from a family of the people who are here from back in the day.

Carmen Wesselhoft is one of the local families and I respect her decision for the Sirenusa development. What would St. John be without developments like The Marketplace, Mongoose Junction, Bellevue, the Westin Resort and Wharfside Village? Where would people live or work? Many  businesses would not have grown without these developments.

We need projects like this to keep the local economy and St. Johnians working. The additional building height does not impact any adjacent property owner’s view. It does however impact more money for the local economy, and the residents who depend on this for their livelihood.

Al  Smith