St. John Festival 2016 Princess Pageant Shines Bright

St. John Tradewinds News Photos by Judi Shimel.

2016 Festival Princess Akai’ya Heywood (center, left) celebrates along with fellow contestants E’Laisha Roberts (left), De’Naijah Chinnery (right) and 2015 Festival Princess Sanijah Gris (center, right).

Tradewinds had the opportunity to interview St. John Festival Princess Akai’ya Heywood, winner of the June 19 pageant held at Winston Wells Ballpark, Cruz Bay.

TW: How old are you?

Akai’ya: I am ten years old.

TW: And what school do you go to?

Akai’ya: I attend the Ulla Muller Elementary School.

TW: What grade are you in?

Akai’ya: I am in the fourth grade.

TW: Was this your first contest?

Akai’ya: Yes, it was.

TW: What was it like?

Akai’ya: It was fun to to have an experience to showcase my talents.

TW: Was it a lot of work?

Akai’ya: It was but it was fun.

TW: What was your favorite part?

Akai’ya: The talent, when we performed the cartoon characters.

TW: You were the police officer, weren’t you? The little rabbit?

Akai’ya: Yes I was.

TW: You were amazing.

Akai’ya: Thank you.