St. John moms reflect on Veronica’s skill as a women’s health care provider:

“Veronica was so awesome! What am I going to do if I get pregnant again?!” – Charlotte Ponder

“I told her she couldn’t retire until I had my third baby. She is amazing. I saw her for my first two pregnancies and she was honestly the best health care provider I could have asked for. Veronica is so kind, caring, and compassionate.” – Amanda Rich

“Veronica was the best! She was amazing when I was pregnant with my first baby. She answered all my questions—and I had a ton, because hello, first child, no clue what I’m doing. She really helped me understand things, including breastfeeding after he was born. I could not have asked for a better midwife.” – Jenna Fox

“Veronica is amazing. She was the best provider I could have asked for when I was pregnant. She was totally calm, cool, collected, knowledgeable, and so loving. I was pregnant with my first child and had so many questions and a few freak out moments. Veronica was so compassionate, understanding, and calming. She never made me feel like I was a pain or a burden. She is such a wonderful woman and I feel blessed to have had her as my midwife.” – Kara Morgan

“Veronica is the best. I had my son at 43 and was considered a high risk pregnancy. My OB was very serious and sometimes kind of scary with all the information on high risk pregnancies, but Veronica balanced her out by being very calming, supportive, and professional.” – Laurel Brannick

“Ms. Veronica will put you at ease, especially when you’re freaking out about the smallest things. I had my first child on St. Thomas and she happened to be there and looked in on us the whole time. I don’t know if I could have stayed sane without her.” – Wendy Schnell

“I loved having Veronica as my midwife. Not only did she patiently answer our many questions and ease our minds about being new parents, she also inspired us by her presence and she connected us to the magic of it all. We often got off topic and she never rushed us out of the door. My favorite was hearing about her time as a midwife in Yemen.” – Carolyn Roust

“I just had my first and I was with Veronica for my whole pregnancy. I told her when I met her that I knew she was for me because of her hair! I have some crazy curls and I knew it was just meant to be. She said it was the first time she was ever picked because of her hair. Veronica was so wonderful, kind, and caring. She also took great care of my husband and always asked him how he was doing. She couldn’t be at the hospital but she was still only a message away. I could write about her forever. I just love her!” – Leilani Burke

“Veronica holds a very special place in my heart and she will be greatly missed. She helped me in so many ways but most of all, she believed in me. The day she sent me to the hospital she gave me a big hug and with a smile, congratulated me on becoming a mama.” – Danielle Myers

“Two words: beautiful soul.” – Ann Mary Joseph

“Veronica has been a shelter of strength and comfort for childbearing women on St. John and St. Thomas. Her kindness, love, patience, and advocacy for women has been invaluable and she is a true lifesaver for all who are in her care. I am so thankful for her being one of the most encouraging and positive role models for me as a young mother many years ago. Having a capable, educated, and open-minded advocate and leader like Veronica is essential for women. Especially in a small community that lacks progressiveness at times, Veronica has fought for essential women’s health service with an unwavering voice and steady passion. She is irreplaceable and will be sorely missed. I wish her much health, joy, and love for her next chapter!” – Zarah Rose

“Veronica was there for me after I had my late miscarriage. I delivered my first baby at five months pregnant and had complications. It was a terrible time and I was bedridden and very sick for several months. She checked on me continually and her compassion was endless. She gave me a beautiful notebook to keep all my thoughts in, as I was extremely depressed afterwards. It was simple and small, but I just felt so loved and cared for by her. She was the only one I felt comfort and peace with at this time besides my husband, Ben.” – Jen Service

“Veronica has always been exceptionally professional, patient, and extremely helpful in every way. I wish her the best!” – Viki Brown

“I was a teen mom with no support. Veronica was my only unwavering voice of support and comfort when I had my baby more than 10 years ago. I wish her the best in her well-deserved retirement.” – Ilona Mer

“I don’t even know where to begin! Veronica got me through one of the hardest moments of my life and helped me to begin two of the most amazing. Grateful that the beginning of my children’s lives began by being surrounded by the kindest and most calming voice. What an impact she has made on all of our cherished experiences!” – Jordan Bettinger

“Oh Veronica! So much to say. For me being a single parent and navigating changing relationships, she was a solid rock of support, bearing no judgment. She told me, ‘When you hold your baby, you will realize that nothing else matters except your baby. And the rest will fall into place.’ It proved to be so true. She asked me regularly about my relationships and emotions, offering a holistic approach that my pregnant friends in the states at pricey OBGYNs were not getting. I can’t thank her enough.” – Tracy Thompson

“As a St. Thomas mom, I always heard great things about her from fellow St. Thomas and St. John moms.” – Cynthia Gomez Martin

“Veronica is an amazing lady. She has been my health care provider for forever. Veronica delivered my last child at Myrah Keating. She explains everything and breaks it down to help you understand what she’s talking about. I’m going to miss her.” – Kela Brathwaite

“When I got pregnant I had only been on St. John for five months and everyone here and our families stateside told us we should ‘go home’ because this was not a good place to have a baby. I went to see Veronica and knew instantly that everything was going to be fine. I didn’t have insurance so she would choose lab work with my financial situation in mind. I had a few friends who were pregnant at the same time and honestly felt from talking to them that I had the best provider, even though they had insurance and lived in major metro areas with tons of options. When I was 39 weeks pregnant, I went to see Veronica because the baby hadn’t moved much that day. She monitored the heart rate for a long time and told me to head to the hospital because something wasn’t quite right. I ended up having an emergency induction that saved little baby Kiki’s life.” -Nellie Thompson