St. John Police Get New Scooters and ATVs To Help Fight Island Crime

VIPD officer Lorne Clark, left, and St. John Deputy Chief Darren Foy show their new scooters.

Four brand new specialty vehicles were recently added to the St. John police fleet ­— ­an addition officers say will help them better navigate the island’s difficult areas and more effectively combat crime.

The four vehicles ­— two ATVs and two scooters — were unveiled during Leander Jurgen Command’s open house on Tuesday, May 11.

“This will be a very helpful tool in combatting crime,” said St. John Deputy Chief Darren Foy. “The scooters will be much quicker and faster which will be very helpful with traffic in the downtown area and the ATVs will help along the shorelines and rough terrain.”

Three St. John officers and one supervisor attended a special training session on St. Thomas, leaving the four new vehicles undriven for about a week until officers were trained in their usage and operation.

The training sessions took place during five 8-hour days on St. Thomas, teaching officers about driving safety, the importance of wearing a helmet, precision and tight-space navigation, according to Officer

Lorne Clarke, one of the four officers on St. John who was trained to operate the new vehicles.

The four new vehicles will be utilized to supplement Leander Jurgen Command’s regular 10 market units during certain situations, Deputy Chief Foy said at the open house, scheduled as part of VIPD’s National Police Week.  An array of activities were slated throughout the territory May 9-15, including a police graduation, an awards ceremony and the Peace Officers’ Day memorial service and parade, but the open house was the only activity planned on St. John. Though no one had shown up for the open house, Foy said the event allowed the public to tour the local facility, gain a better understanding of the local officers’ daily operations, ask officers questions, meet the K-9 unit and view the new vehicles.

“The police department is taking this opportunity to invite the general public, show our appreciation and give back to the community,” Foy said.