St. John Resident Hurt in Cruz Bay Attack

Local resident Chris Schatzman was attacked in the area of Dolphin Market and Boulon Center.


This photo, submitted to St. John Tradewinds by Chris Schatzman, shows the injuries Schatzman sustained after he was attacked on Friday, February 8, in Cruz Bay.

“You should be looking into repetitive acts of violent crime involving several juveniles and single individuals while walking along the area of Dolphin Market, the Boulon Center and the laundromats dating back for several years, with the most recent being the Cockayne murder and a violent assault on myself,” Schatzman said in his email to St. John Tradewinds. “Amazingly, no convictions and to date nothing has been accomplished except to remove a single tree. A picture says a thousand words, and here is mine: senseless.”