St. John Villas Burglarized

Police on St. John are investigating three separate reports of unauthorized persons entering into private villas and removing personal items and cash.

The first incident, classified as a Robbery 1st Degree, occurred on Sunday, April 20, about 8 p.m. A couple in their mid-40s, visiting from Arlington Va., reported to police that they were having dinner on the porch of their villa the in Enighed area when an unknown black male entered the villa and demanded money. The suspect was wearing a mask in the shape of a wolf and carried a handgun, the couple told police. The suspect took $200 and left without harming the couple.

On Tuesday, April 22, at approximately 8:30 p.m. police responded to a call from a vacationing couple who reported that an unknown person or persons apparently entered their Klein Bay villa while they were sitting on an outside porch. The couple told police when they reentered the villa they noticed several items in disarray. An iPod and $150 in cash were missing, they said, however they did not see anyone in the area.

On Thursday, April 24, at approximately 11:40 p.m. a Burglary 3rd Degree was reported from a villa in the Chocolate Hole area of St. John. Two couples in their mid-50s, who are regular visitors to the island and staying at the villa, told police they returned home from dinner and found that a camera, jewelry and a pair of binoculars were missing.

St. John Deputy Chief of Police Darren Foy said investigations into these incidents are ongoing and are being followed up on by Investigation Bureau detectives. The deputy chief added that villa owners and managers can increase safety by utilizing additional safety measures.

“Many of these villas are in secluded areas and prime targets for crimes of opportunity,” Chief Foy said.

He suggested that owners periodically check the status of alarm systems and motion detectors and install these safety measures if none are present. Visitors should inquire about alarm systems and motion detectors when renting villas and make sure all doors and windows are secured when they are in the villa or away.

“All Virgin Islands residents should take the necessary steps to secure their homes," said Foy. "Safety begins with you.”