Starfish Management Renovating Store Next Spring

Starfish Market management plans to redesign portions of the store’s interior and expand service areas, according to owner David Mugar.

“We feel it is important to maintain our quality standards and it is time to give Starfish Market a facelift,” Mugar said. “We’ve been reviewing design ideas and layout and I think our customers will benefit from the results.”

Store manager Nedra Ephraim is excited about the planned changes.

“Since opening Starfish at the Marketplace in 2000, thousands of customers have shopped at our market and eventually all that traffic takes a toll on the floors, walls and fixtures,” said Ephraim. “We will be upgrading our refrigerated cases and expanding our produce, dairy, deli and frozen departments.”

Additional backroom storage space will be also constructed to accommodate more products to keep shelves filled between shipments. Although improvements were originally slated to start this year, Mugar has decided to begin construction next spring to avoid disruption during the upcoming peak season.

The store will not close during the reconstruction and planning is focused on minimizing disruption to shoppers, especially where new flooring is planned.