Starting Over — We’re Back




Yes, they’re velvety! The beloved – and photogenic – Caneel Bay deer herd has mounted a comeback led by this handsome – and wary – buck.  The velvet will soon fall from his growing antlers as the rainy season replenishes the herd’s feeding grounds.




CANEEL BAY — A buck with velvety new antlers poses for photographs on the front lawn of the Caneel Bay Resort in the Virgin Islands National Park, while his small group of several does and yearlings slip away on Monday, May 25. The current drought is driving the wildlife out of the shelter of the dry forest to the only green grass on the north shore. The resort’s well-fed and fecund deer herd— with a propensity for twin births — appears to be recovering from the federally supervised “culling” of the burgeoning population in October 2014.