State Office of Special Education Now Conducting Annual Parental Survey

The Virgin Islands Department of Education

The Virgin Islands Department of Education’s State Office of Special Education (SOSE) informs parents and guardians of children with disabilities, ages three through 21, of the ongoing Annual Parental Survey being conducted through telephonic interview from the University of the Virgin Islands’ Eastern Caribbean Center.

The purpose of this survey is to collect confidential data on the level of parental satisfaction with the special education programs and related services provided by the Department of Education, Divisions of Special Education. The results will be used to assist the department with improving services to children with disabilities and their families as the State Office of Special Education continues its efforts to improve overall results for those receiving its services.

“We look forward to the full cooperation and participation of our parents. Let’s continue to improve outcomes for students with disabilities,” said State Director of Special Education Dr. Renee Charleswell.

For more information, contact the State Office of Special Education Offices at 776-5802 on St. Thomas and 773-1095, ext. 7087 on St. Croix. To provide new or additional contact information, parents and guardians are encouraged to contact Kathleen Merchant via email at

The State Office of Special Education thanks the public for its time and participation in this data-collection activity.

All data collected will be absent of all personally identifiable information consistent with §300.32 Personally identifiable. Personally identifiable means information that contains:
(a) The name of the child, the child’s parent, or other family member;
(b) The address of the child;
(c) A personal identifier, such as the child’s social security number or student number; or
(d) A list of personal characteristics or other information that would make it possible to identify the child with reasonable certainty.