Still No Fuel in Coral Bay — Domino Could Have Gasoline Within Weeks

Domino Gas Station in Coral Bay remained shuttered last week, making it now more than a month since residents on the eastern side of St. John could fill their tanks without driving to Cruz Bay.

While rumors have been swirling across the island since gas ran out at the Coral Bay station in February, Domino Oil Company is not going out of business, according to St. John Administrator Leona Smith.

The Coral Bay station is not alone, Domino gas stations across the territory have been closed since the Puerto Rican-based company experienced problems with its barge, Smith explained.

Domino’s operations were halted when its barge failed to pass a required U.S. Coast Guard inspection, according to Smith.
The problem has been solved and Coral Bay residents can hope to see the gas station open within a few weeks, according to the St. John Administrator.

“Domino has settled with the Coast Guard in regard to the inspection of their barge,” said Smith. “They now have the green light. The only problem that remains is getting gas from a refinery in Puerto Rico.”

“They are in conversations with a refinery now and then once that is squared away, they should be able to have gas in the next week or two,” Smith said. “The good news is that they are not going out of business.”