Stop by Ekaete Pink Corner at Coral Bay Triangle for Fresh Roti, Local Juices, Home-made Ice Cream


Ekaete owner Esther Frett, above, serves up local treats like chicken roti and beef patties along with home-made ice cream and fresh juices.

Looking for some fresh, homemade sour sop ice cream?

How about a traditional chicken roti sure to transport one to the shores of Trinidad?

In the mood for finger-licking BBQ ribs complete with scratch-made sauce?

Anyone who is feeling a little famished should be sure to stop by the inviting pink structure right on the corner at the Coral Bay triangle, where Esther Frett is serving up all of that and more.

Frett and her husband Jerry have been working on the structure for a few years and opened Ekaete Pink Corner in November.

“We built this up from zero,” said Frett. “There was nothing here when we started. We built the whole thing and we still have some work to do.”

While she still plans to finish up some painting projects, Ekaete’s Pink Corner is already a warm and cozy lunch or dinner spot.

With her covered gazebos, an herb garden and a BBQ area, Frett is already turning visitors and residents into loyal fans of her home-style cooking.

A life-long cook, Frett is passionate about the food she prepares.

“I grew up with a long line of culinary women,” she said. “I’ve always cooked and always loved it. I  went to culinary school in Trinidad.”

The menu at Ekaete changes often, but one can usually find Frett’s famous chicken or vegetable rotis, curry goat and there is always a vegetarian offering. Meals range from $14 to $16 and come with a choice of sides.

Other lunch and dinner offerings include chicken and beef patties, for $4 each, curry chicken and even meatballs and pasta for $15 each. Frett fires up her BBQ regularly and hosts a Caribbean buffet once a week as well.

“We usually do the buffet on Friday or Sunday nights,” she said. “It gives people a chance to taste a little bit of curry goat and a little roti and maybe have some things they’ve never tried before.”

To wash that down, try one of Frett’s fresh local juices. The juice options change as well, but recently included mauby, plum, sorrel, tamarind and golden apple. For anyone looking for something a little stronger, Frett offers beer, rum punch and even whips up freshly blended daiquiris.

For dessert, do not miss Frett’s fresh, home-made ice cream. Sour sop ice cream is not easy to find and Frett’s is creamy and tart. Other hand-made ice cream flavors at Ekaete recently included vanilla, chocolate and pecan.

Frett also makes fresh fruit smoothies and had guava, triple berry and strawberry options on a recent visit.

Ekaete is open daily from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Stop by and see what Frett is making today or call 340-244-8583.