Success Stories for 2006: Step by Step, We’re Making Progress

Kakuta Ole Maimai H. does more than raise funds, he actually works on the projects he gets funded, including helping make building blocks, above. Last fall, St. John resident and author Cristina Kessler took a St. John group to Kenya, Africa, to visit Kakuta’s village. The group helped make the blocks which will be the first to be used in the construction of the new high school.

Editor’s Note:
Katuta sends the St. John community an update on the progress in his village…

High School Project
A $25,000 donation was received by the Maasai Association from family members of Friends of the Maasai. We are very thankful for their generosity. We are excited to report that this initial funding will enable us to launch the Maasai High School Project. This is another step forward in a long journey. The project is scheduled to start late this summer. Upon completion 350 students will have the opportunity to attend high school.

Dormitory Construction Project
$8,000-plus was raised by Seattle-area high school students and their families to construct the primary school boys’ dormitory, which is scheduled to start this summer. Dormitory facilities will enable Merrueshi Primary School to increase the number of students from 180 to 300.

Maasai children who live great distances from the school and who desire an education will now have the opportunity to attend school. The Seattle area high school students who raised the funds are traveling to Kenya in August to construct the actual building! We are very grateful to these Seattle youth and their families for their incredible support.

Solar Installation Project
$6,000 enabled the Maasai Association to install a solar power system at Merrueshi Primary School. The school now has three, 120-watt solar panels, and four, sealed 90-amp batteries. Each classroom has two electric lights.

Also, the teachers’ administration building and staff housing have been powered. Now our children will be able to attend evening classes without having to use kerosene lamps! Many thanks to new Friends of the Maasai for their financial support.

Donatons for School Fees for Maasai Children
$2,108 in donations was received for the Maasai Children Education Fund. With this amount, school fees were paid for 41 needy children attending Merrueshi Primary School.

$4,500 in school fees was gifted to 12 high school students attending boarding schools outside the Maasai region. Fees for high school students were provided by a family member of Friends of the Maasai. Many thanks for their continued support of our students.

Teachers’ Salaries
$1,800 donation from well wishers enabled salaries to be paid for three teachers and our Program Coordinator in Kenya.

Donations of Relief Food for Drought Victims
$4,050 donation from Friends of the Maasai enabled the Maasai Association to feed 350 Maasai people of Merrueshi region for two months. The money was used to buy maize, rice, beans and cooking oil. Many thanks to our sponsors for responding to this urgent need of our community.

– Ashe oleng (thank you in Maa language)
Kakuta Ole Maimai H.

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