Suhail Gonzalez Wins 60-Second Shopping Spree at Starfish

Starfish Market looked like the set of the old TV game show “Supermarket Sweep” on Thursday, July 30, and Suhail Gonzalez looked liked she knew what she was doing.
Gonzalez won a one minute shopping spree at Starfish when her name was pulled after the store’s Carnival customer appreciation celebration last month.
As customers gathered around the check-out aisles on July 30, Gonzalez didn’t waste one of her 60 seconds. She immediately starting filling her shopping cart without moving more than 50 feet.
Positioned near the front of the store, Gonzalez filled her entire cart with fresh meat and produce, all within an arm’s length. The strategy of not losing time going from aisle to aisle definitely paid off as Gonzalez piled up a total of $358.74 worth of groceries.
“I feel very grateful that this happened on St. John,” said Gonzalez. “I’m a good customer and I really appreciate this.”
Gonzalez’ friend Sylvia Amparo helped her prepare for the shopping spree, but more family members and friends were in for quite a treat after the two cooked up their winnings.
Gonzalez’s $358.74 total was more than $100 more than the last 60-second shopping spree winner took home.
Starfish management picked one name out of hundreds of people who signed up for “Super Saver Cards” over the winter and the winner enjoyed the same 60 seconds of free shopping in the store. That time, however, the winner walked away with $249 worth of groceries. Look out for the next Starfish shopping spree give-away, and be sure to have a strategy.