Summer’s End Group Forms Marine Uses Advisory Panel


For nearly a year and a half, the principals of the Summer’s End Group have proactively sought input for their efforts into the possibility of bringing a marina to St. John. This has been accomplished through participation in the planning of the Coral Bay Community Council’s Phase ll of the Coral Bay Watershed Management Plan, the Marine Uses Planning Group of the CBWMP, the Citizen’s Advisory Committee for VI Waste Management Authority, Island Green Builder’s Green Thursdays and other events, St. John Recyclers, St. John Community Foundation and the American Institute of Architecture’s Sustainable Development Assessment Team’s plan report for Coral Bay, to name just a few.

In a continued, long term planning effort to insure that the core values of sustainable development which are environmental, social and economic are honored in all of their efforts, the Summer’s End Group has formed a Marine Uses Advisory Panel.

The purpose of this board is to insure, that through a diverse group of intelligent, caring individuals all concerns and considerations for ongoing and future activities and actions regarding a marina for St. John and the management and protection of St. John’s coastal waters are given maximum consideration.

This group of individuals has selflessly volunteered their time and expertise as part of their commitment to the health and prosperity of St. John and those who love her and call her home. The Summer’s End Group thanks these generous volunteers for their qualified input and concern for St. John.

Alvis Christian – generational St. Johnian, member of the Emmaus Moravian Church, lifelong Coral Bay resident

Amy Dempsey – marine biologist, owner Ocean Systems Laboratory, Coral Bay habitat specialist

Robert O’Connor, Jr. – generational St. Johnian, Chairman of the USVI Port Authority, former Vice President of VI Legislature

Sandy Mueller – owner Coral Bay Marine, longtime Coral Bay resident, member Coral Bay Community Council

Jose Penn – generational St. Johnian, member of Governing Board of the USVI Economic Development Authority, business owner

Leona Smith – generational St. Johnian, St. John Administrator, member of the Emmaus Moravian Church, lifelong Coral Bay resident