Survey Focuses on USVI Self-Determination, Constitution

The University of the Virgin Islands is conducting an educational survey seeking to understand public views on self-determination and related issues and wants input from people who have lived in the territory for at least three years.

UVI political science professor Malik Sekou is directing the project, entitled “Capacity Building in the U.S. Virgin Islands to Increase Self-Determination and Constitutional Development.”

The survey is open to any legal resident who has lived in the territory at least three years, is 18 years or older and can speak and understand English is eligible to participate.

The first 10 respondents who complete the survey will get a gift certificate of $25.

The survey can be found online here.

According to Sekou, the questions cover these topics:

Self Determination
– How much input do?U.S. Virgin Islanders have in their future?
– How much do you agree with the statement that Virgin Islanders are steering their own ship?

Development of Constitution
– How important is it to you that the Virgin Islands develops its own constitution?
– How might developing a constitution help the Virgin Islands?
– Is there anything specific you would like to see in a Virgin Islands constitution?

– What does self-government mean to you? Describe what it looks like.
– How important is self-government to you?
– Are there any elements which suggest that the Virgin Islands is not self-governed?

– What makes a person?a Virgin Islander?
– Is there anything that should exclude a person from being considered a Virgin Islander?

The project is funded by a technical assistance grant (D16A900045) from the Department of Interior for 2016-2019.