“Tabloid” Letter Writers Chastized

Dear Editor:

I am writing in response to the letters to the editor which were published in the March 20-26 Tradewinds regarding your story on Kenny Chesney’s land.

I’m guessing the second author is really glad that he remained anonymous after jumping to an erroneous conclusion about your photograph and then passing very harsh judgment as a result of that erroneous conclusion. And then he accuses you of coveting supermarket tabloid status? Who could take such a person seriously?

The first author accuses you of “directly attacking the same man that has come to help St. John over and over again” and of stabbing him in the back. How does reporting the listing for sale of his property attack him or stab him in the back?

Has Kenny Chesney written to complain? Do these people think he can’t stand up for himself? And how do you violate his privacy by reporting public information? Do we protect the privacy of those who make large donations to certain causes? Any cause, or just the ones we like? How large does the donation have to be?

I live in the states and everybody HERE knows that Kenny Chesney owns property on St. John and that he married Rene Zellweger there.

Puhleeze! Who are these whiny people? If you’re going to attack people, identify yourself.

Nancy Gibbs