Taxicab Commission to Host Final Town Halls on Tariff Increases, April 19-21

Taxis wait to take tourists around St. John.
Taxis wait to take tourists around St. John.

Executive Director Linda I. Smith invites all members of the Automobile-for-Hire industry to the Taxicab Commission’s final 2022 Town Hall Meeting to be held at 6 p.m. on April 19-21. The purpose of each meeting is to receive final recommendations on the upcoming rate schedule/tariff increase for the territory’s taxi and tour operators and from the recent meetings that were held on April 4-6. Meetings will be held on each island on:

St. John: Tuesday, April 19, at Franklin D. Powell Park

St. Thomas: Wednesday, April 20, at VI Taxicab Commission at Sub Base

St. Croix: Monday, April 21, at Sunny Isle Amphitheater

All are encouraged to attend. For further information, contact the commission’s district office at 773-1561 (St. Croix) or 693-4211 (St. Thomas/St. John).