Tell Your Storm Stories For Howard University Study

Flamboyant Gardens shows damage from Hurricane Maria.
Flamboyant Gardens shows damage from Hurricane Maria in September 2017.

A team of scientists at Howard University in Washington D.C. are studying the human impact of the 2017 hurricanes and are looking for voices and experiences from the Virgin Islands.

Once the study is complete, it will be presented to the National Weather Service and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. It is part of a larger body of research conducted at Howard University’s NOAA Cooperative Science Center for Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology, funded by the NOAA Educational Partnership Program.

The 2017 Hurricane Impact Study aims to include the experiences of those who have encountered Hurricanes Maria and Irma.

“It is essential that we amplify the voices of the Virgin Islands, mainly due to the lack of exposure that the islands have gotten following the 2017 hurricane season,” Howard University communications and public relations specialist Imani Pope-Johns said in an email to the Source.

“We heartily invite the people of the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico to participate in our study by visiting Once on the webpage, you will see a link that will transfer you to the survey. With your participation in our research, we strive to amplify the perspectives, experiences, and viewpoints of the community to understand better how to mitigate the outcomes of natural disasters and prepare for a weather-ready nation,” she said.