Ten Volunteers Help CBCC Clean Up Coral Bay Mangrove Area at Dumpsters

The Coral Bay Community Council hosted a two-hour clean up of the mangrove area behind the dumpsters in Coral Bay on Saturday, April 30. 
More than 10 volunteers turned up to pull plastic and other trash out of the mangroves. Most trash had been blown there from the overloaded dumpsters, although some — like two television sets — appeared to have been placed there by people!

Thanks to the volunteers who pulled the plastic and fabric from the mud so that the land crabs can burrow again. Thanks to the people who picked up plastic containers. Dengue mosquitoes — which only breed in artificial containers, not natural swamps or ponds — will have few breeding places now!

CBCC thanks: Bill Fisk; David Silverman; Raf, Thia and Allegra Muilenberg; Carey Mercurio; Karen and Rob Vahling; Bruce Swanson; and Mary Ladner who gave their time and backs to this clean up.

Thanks also V.I. National Park for the bags, Love City Minimart for cold drinks, Friends of VINP for gloves and Steve Hendren of Sunny Rock Construction for hauling the debris.

Let’s help maintain Coral Bay’s wetlands and mangroves as beautiful wildlife habitats.