Thanks for Another Great St. Patrick’s Day

Tradewinds Editor,

Many thanks to all the participants in the 10th annual St. Patrick’s Day and the wonderful turnout that made the day!

Special thank you to the American Legion Color Guard and their sponsored flag football players; the ever faithful Jeff, Dan and Will, who looked splendid as always; those magnificent Majorettes; David in his last minute press into carrying our beloved Jim McLaughlin; Ian and his music machine for squiring the amazing dancing girl, Catherine Stull; the superior Grand Marshall, Michael McCarthy and his Book and Bean lady Lisa and son, Duncan; the East End Irish; the Irish Gang; the Buffalo Crew; Amelia and her bike; Debbie Hime with her miniature Irish Wolf Hound and any and all other foot soldiers I may have forgotten.

Very kind thanks to Rescue One and Three for their participation. We were glad you didn’t have to make any emergency runs during the parade. Also, a huge hug to all the members of the Police Department who helped barricade the route and keep it safe afterward until the crowd abated. Kelly Krall and the crew of the Quiet Mon Pub and I always enjoy presenting the parade and appreciate all the help and cooperation. Slainte!

Mary Pat Brown
Miss Organizer