Thanks To All Who Helped Save the Kid


We Saved Him!

Who can put a price on the Kid? We can, it is $3,718.

Can you hate a child for laughing? Can you hate a bird for singing? Can you hate a puppy for eating your shoes?  
Can you hate the Kid for playing on the beach?  Not us.

The Kid — Chris Hanson — reinjured his ACL on December 31, 2007, playing on the beach in White Bay.  On January 7, Rhumb Lines and Soma organized an impromptu party/benfit to help get the Kid back to the states and pay for his surgery and health care bills.

Thanks to all who helped, attended, and donated.

Thanks to all those who contributed to the raffle.  I Scream, Freebird, Banana Deck, Beach Bar, JJ’s, Woody’s, Margarita Phil’s, Senorita Pizza, Big Planet, Ocean Runner, Hull Bay Hideaway, Christine Chapman, Asolare, Chloe and Bernard’s, Paradiso, The Balcony, Chateau Bordeaux, The Tap Room, Morgan’s Mango, Cafe Roma, La Tapa, Rani Keohane, Sail Safaris, Dolphin Water Taxi, World Class Angler, Survivan, and Mike G.

Thanks to Rhumb Lines, Allie, Marcus, Computer Express, Low Key, Fletch and the boys in the band, Ma Huber, Mikey for MCing, Z for modelling, beer pong players and all who attended.

Nils Erickson