Thanks To Community

To our St. John Community,

On behalf of the Friends of the Elaine Sprauve Library and myself, I want to thank you and the Westin St. John, Pond Bay Club, and Caneel Bay Resort and The Marketplace for their support of the Library’s Black History Month Program. Their generosity enabled us to feature Sharon Robinson as the keynote speaker for our annual program.

Without their support the three day program would not have been possible. We appreciate their interest and contributions to the library, the Friends, and especially the St. John Community. It is through the support of corporations like these that we are able to continue to strengthen our programs and to develop new and innovative projects to serve and inform the community.

Ms. Robinson’s message of empowerment and the development of strategies to help people deal with the challenges they face day in and day out was inspirational. Most of the children and adults attending the programs had the opportunity to meet with her on an individual basis. Everyone who attended one of the programs mentioned how he or she was touched by Sharon and her father’s courage and greatness.  

Again, thank you for making this program a reality.

Carol McGuinness