Thanks to Everyone


I wanted to take this opportunity to say ‘thanks’ to everyone associated with the 8 Tuff Miles race. That includes the organizers, waterstations, entertainers (including the people involved with the start of the race, presenting the flag and singing the Virgin Island song; the other musicians throughout the race), the people who offered enthusiastic encouragement along the route, the first aid crew, all those who kept the participants safe from traffic, and the many volunteers at the finish line and those offering refreshments and the bags of goodies to the runners. And, I can’t forget the sponsors and those offering awards and scholarships. This ‘thank you’ also includes the rest of the St. Johnians who gave up Centerline Road for us to use for a few hours. I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone. Everyone was so important and I can’t thank you enough.

And, a big ‘thank you’ to all of the participants in the race. This was my first race and everyone was so friendly. There was a sense of camaraderie along the way, entrants encouraging others, friendly comments to each other and a sense of humor. I had a great time! I came away from that race a little more sore, but on such a natural high that I think I’m still floating on it.

After the race I came home and cleaned the house and felt so alive doing it and even enjoyed it. I loved the way I felt. Anyway, I look forward to training for the race next year and participating in it.

Thank you everyone!

Jan Fielding