The Blue Marlin Mystery




An impressive catch, but by whom? This photograph, taken by Guy Benjamin, captured three proud fishermen, whose names have not been determined.

It’s an impressive catch, but who reeled it in?

That is the question St. John Tradewinds and several residents have been unable to answer about this photograph.

The picture was taken by Guy Benjamin in June 1963 and the slide was recently expertly converted into high definition digital format.

V.I. National Park Chief of Resource Management Rafe Boulon identified the fish as a Blue Marlin, and it looks to be at least six feet long.

The photograph might have been taken in front of the Dalmida store or at a different location in Coral Bay, according to several residents.

Yet the question about who these men are who were photographed proudly showing off their catch remains a mystery.

Anyone with information about the photograph is welcome to call St. John Tradewinds at 776-6496 or email