The Buck Stops Here


The first week of April, sometime during the night a buck was shot on King’s Hill Road. Not shot and killed — but shot and then walked three-quarters of a mile to go 30 yards into the woods in front of my house and die.

I, myself, have never hunted, but whatever happened to a clean shot? Whoever did this only wounded this animal and for what reason? Food? Hide? No. What about our cruelty to animals law? Does this pertain to all animals or just by our own choice for fun. How big a guy is this that can’t figure out how to scare a deer off his or her property?

We all know that you can’t get 20 feet near a deer before they run off. It worries me to know someone so heartless and careless has a rifle on my road.

Be a hunter if need be, not a murderer of peaceful animals who lets them walk and suffer and die for nothing. The buck stopped here.

Joanne Sica