“The Jeep That Keeps on Giving” Being Auctioned for Third Time by GHS

Ruby and Fernando Ramos in front of the Jeep Scrambler they donated back to Gifft Hill School after winning the vehicle in the school’s initial raffle.

A customized yellow and black Jeep Scrambler is the vehicle which keeps on giving to the Gifft Hill School.

After being raffled off and donated back to GHS not just once, but twice, the Jeep is now up for auction once again.

The Jeep was originally purchased in late 2011 by GHS for $10,000 from Alvin Nazarrio, explained Molly Murrill who works in the GHS development office.

“Alvin works at Caneel Bay and he retrofitted the Jeep,” Murrill said.

The Jeep was parked on the second floor of The Marketplace for months as GHS officials sold $10 raffle tickets over the winter and drew a winner on February 14. After raising about $7,000 from the sale of raffle tickets, Fernando and Ruby Ramos were the winners of the Jeep.

“A few days before our annual fundraising gala in early March, Fernando Ramos contacted us and let us know that they wanted to donate the Jeep back to the school,” said Murrill. “It was perfect timing. We had the Jeep parked at the Westin near the entrance to the ballrooms.”

“It was all decorated with balloons and we used it as a last-minute, surprise auction item,” she said. “It was available during our live auction and on-line with a proxy bidder in the room for our on-line bidders.”

GHS supporter Rob Garver ended up winning the Jeep for $11,000, Murrill explained.

“Rob and his wife Niki are from Des Moines, Iowa, and they own a home here,” said the GHS development official.

“They already have a car and didn’t really need to keep the Jeep. So it came back to us and they suggested that we put it back up on line for bidding with an initial bid of $7,500.”

Bidding is open at www.giffthillschool.org/auction until Monday, April 16. All proceeds from the Jeep, those already collected and those yet to be collected, are earmarked for the upper campus school trip to Costa Rica, set for April 19 through 26, explained Murrill.

“The original $7,000 that we raised from the raffle was not enough to send all 13 high school students on the trip so we were going to have to cancel it,” she said. “But since we were able to auction the Jeep off a second and now third time, the trip is back on. And any additional funds raised through the Jeep auction will spill over to next year’s travel program.”

“This is the Jeep that keeps on giving,” said Murrill. “It’s unbelievable; I’ve never heard anything like it. I think the third time will be the charm.”

Be sure to place those bids by April 16 at www.giffthillschool.org/auction.