‘The Political Season,’ a Poem by Filippo Cassinelli


The shining
abundance of hope
covers the landscape,
it’s never been greener.

Slogans sprout
on billboards, radio,
and in speeches,
the air scented
with lemongrass
and honey.

Farewell to the old,
a crescendo
of new platitudes
sound the enchantment,
of gilded dreams.

Political operatives,
lords of discontent
ferment for change.

The battle
between power
and unseating power
hinges on
soaring promises.

Which politician’s words
will hold us rapt,
like golden fireflies
ever so briefly
illuminating the
uncertainty ahead.

This is the season
of gold and pomp,
forgive us as voters
our ignorance.

All roads
snake and twist,
to November.

– Filippo Cassinelli is a business owner from the island of St. Thomas.