There Will Be Fuel in Coral Bay!


A leading St. John businessman is bringing a fuel station to Coral Bay more than three years after the isolated community lost its former Domino’s station as its only source of fuel.

James Boynes of Boynes Trucking told Tradewinds March 7 that he has signed a lease with owner Wilma Marsh Monsanto for the former Domino’s service station site.

The building site was left restored with clean fill after the former station near the bay was dismantled, leaving the east end of St. John without a fuel station.

“We’re trying to put it back together to get some fuel out there as soon as possible,” Boynes told Tradewinds March 7. “We hope to put everything together within a week or two.”

Boynes did not see a long permitting process for the construction of the much-needed community service station.

“We are simply putting back what was there,” Boynes said. “At least we’re hoping to — it’s hard for me to predict permitting.”

“After permitting it should be a matter of a couple of months,” Boynes added of the construction of the replacement station.

Because the project is going to be above ground, in addition to being rebuilt on the site of a former station, Boynes is hoping the permitting process will be less complicated.

“I really don’t think it’s going to take long,” Boynes said. “It’s a community need.”

Julio King is the architect for the project.

The question is could there be gasoline for sale in Coral Bay before Centerline Road is a two-lane road again.