Third Round of Pandemic SNAP Benefits Tentatively Approved

The V.I. Department of Human Services announced Monday the pending approval of the state plan DHS submitted to the federal Food & Nutrition Service Agency for a third round of food assistance through the Pandemic Electronic Benefits Transfer to current Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program households and non-SNAP households.

These benefits already positively impacted over 13,000 kids in the first and second rounds of issuance and are slated to provide more than 17,000 children across the territory with assistance in this third issuance.

As the pandemic continues and the ability to attend school continues to be interrupted, the federal government has expanded and extended these benefits. This third issuance of P-EBT will also be extended to current SNAP families with children under six years of age. SNAP families do not need to contact local SNAP offices to receive these benefits as they will automatically be added to their accounts.

Not only will this third issuance cover more students, P-EBT benefits will cover the entire 2020/2021 school year from August 2020 through September 2021. Additionally, the DHS Division of Family Assistance anticipates a summer issuance of P-EBT benefits to positively impact food and nutrition needs when school is out.

The Virgin Islands Department of Human Services has been working with FNS since March 2020 to secure assistance for the territory. Once this plan has been approved by FNS, DHS will provide a detailed plan for how and when those benefits will roll out.

For more information about P-EBT visit the DHS website or families may call the P-EBT Customer Service number 340-772-7120 or email with the subject P-EBT.

The Department of Human Services exists to provide social services to members in the community with diverse needs. In times of national uncertainty and hardship we act as a safety-net and exist to inspire hope and empower change through non-judgmental, quality delivery of needed services and resources. Please visit the Department of Human Services website for more information.