Thirty-Minute Parking and Taxi Stand Double Parking Enforcement Begins

The Cruz Bay waterfront was free of congestion last week as enforcement of the law against double parking.

Enforcement of parking regulations along the Cruz Bay waterfront at the Loredon L. Boynes Sr. ferry dock kicked off with a bang on Monday, May 7, as cars which exceeded the 30-minute time limit in the waterfront parking spaces by the Battery – or were double parked in front of the taxi stand – were towed.

St. John Administrator Leona Smith announced two weeks ago the V.I. Police Department would begin enforcing the territorial law against double parking, but would only be giving out warnings during the first week.

In addition to several cars being towed, one St. John resident reported he was run away from the 30 minute parking area by a taxi driver, who warned him he would be towed if he parked there.

Smith was unaware of the towing and the taxi driver’s threat, she explained.

Accidents Prompt Enforcement
“Nobody has brought that to my attention,” Smith said.

The enforcement began as a group effort after several accidents occurred in the turn by the Morris deCastro Clinic, Smith explained.

Motorists may not stop or double park in front of the Cruz Bay taxi stand, from the telephone bank to the 30 minute parking area along the waterfront.

Smith reminded motorists that anyone picking up friends, guests or customers can wait at the waterfront between the telephone pole and the Colombian Emeralds.

Motorists may also wait or park in the 30 minute parking area on the waterfront, Smith added.