To the Rescue by Bob Malacarne

St. John Rescue is once again offering classes for people who would like to become First Responders. This classification is one step before EMT status. We will be covering the new CPR standards, AED use, First Aid, Legal Issues, Airway Management, Medical Emergencies, various types of Trauma, Stroke management, etc.
It is a 48 hour course that will begin in mid November. We will meet on Tuesday and Wed-nesday evenings from 7 to 9 p.m.

If you are interested in signing up (there is a limit of 20 students) or in finding out information about the course, contact Bob Malacarne at 340-626-5118, or visit our website
We have five new applicants for membership this month. Our numbers have grown to over 30 active members.

Our new Rescue Three will be arriving by the end of the month. It is a Ford Expedition that will be a quick response vehicle capable of transporting a patient if necessary.  

Marine One, our rescue boat, is now in service and performing quite well. We participated with Marine One in the annual Kyakathon on Sunday, October 1. Anyone interested in joining our marine unit should contact Darrell Tasman (Dr. Cool) or Steve Slade.

We have responded to 75 calls for assistance so far this year. This equals our total calls for the entire year of 2005.  

Please attach some sort of identification on your home so emergency personnel can find it easily. If your street has no street sign please arrange to have one installed.

Please drive just a little slower on our roads. It will make it safer for all of us. The last time I checked St. John was not the Indy 500.

Until next month, stay safe.