Traffic Stop Leads to Gun, Cocaine Charges

On Tuesday May 3, at 9:50 p.m. police conducting traffic in the area of Beyond Day Care located at 32A & B Kronprindsens Gade and Frank’s Lock & Key and stopped a black with no working head light and no front license. As officers approached the vehicle, the driver, who police say was Janelle Walters, rolled down the driver side window and police say a strong odor of marijuana emanated from the vehicle. Walters and her passenger, who police say was later identified as. Marvin Stancliffe, were asked to step out of the vehicle, if there is more marijuana in the vehicle and do they have a license to possess a firearm in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Police say neither Walters nor Stancliffe responded to the question about the firearm but Walters allegedly admitted to officers that she had two dimes bags of marijuana in her purse. Officers then reportedly told Walter that the vehicle will be searched for additional marijuana and at that point Stancliffe allegedly fled the scene and was apprehended shortly thereafter at the rear of the Holiday Inn Hotel.

Police report they found in the car a Premier Firearm PF-15 Multi caliber rifle, two Glock 9mm magazines and multiple rounds of ammunition and an undetermined amount of powder and crack cocaine. Walters bail was set at $60,000 and Stancliffe’s bail was set at $150,000.

Unable to post bail both Walters and Stancliffe were remanded the Bureau of Corrections.